Pros And Cons Of Buying Soundcloud Plays

We are living in 21st century where “first impression is last impression” has much more importance.  People judge you on the basis of how much popular you are. One of important place to check your popularity is social media.

Your social media popularity is measured buy the number of followers you have and number of engagements (plays, likes, shares, downloads etc.), you get on your content.

Apart from popularity, highly active accounts can get some extra money from internet as well. When you have high number of followers and engagements, people hire you as an influencer marketer. You can promote their content/products and they will pay you a good amount of money.

So, in short, having a strong social media presence gives you a WIN-WIN situation. It brings respect for you in society as well as money in your pocket. These are the main reasons people buy plays , followers, likes and other kind of engagements on social media.

When buying SoundCloud plays has many advantages, it also comes with some disadvantages. We will discuss here all advantages and disadvantages in details.

Advantages to buy soundcloud services

They Can Make Money For You: When you have a huge amount of plays and followers on your profile, your profile attracts more new users and it continue to grow on daily basis. Since you are receiving such tremendous traffic to your channel on daily basis, it encourages new music artist to use you as an influencer. Now a days, many new bands and music artist try to spread their music by using an influencer. You can promote their music and in return they will pay you money. In fact, now a days, many people are using this method as a full-time job to earn money.

Create A Following Cycle For You: According to SoundCloud mechanism, your tracks are shown in suggested searches to people who are not following you, but in fact they are following someone who is following you. So, the story is very simple, if you have 1000 followers, and those 1000 followers are followed by 10000 followers as a whole (100 each), then your tracks reach can increase tremendously.

Social Credibility: More followers and more plays increase your credibility on SoundCloud. When you have a lot of plays of your track it encourages new audience to listen your song. With this, organic growth to your track increases.  Also, when a new visitor comes to a profile which has a lot of plays and followers, mostly he becomes its followers. So, buying plays and followers can increase your organic growth and it can also increase your real followers.

Encourage You For More Work: Usually many music artists leave after few months, because the do not get good response from public. People do a lot of hardwork but in return they get only 50-100 plays. This thing discourage artist to do any further work. Also, artist do not feel good in front of their friends and family who know that you are not getting success on SoundCloud. At this point, buying SoundCloud services can boost your moral. When people talk about you that this person is famous and has a lot of listeners and followers from the world, it gives you an inner happiness and satisfaction. As a result, you start ding more hardwork. After few months, you start getting real results and then everything become normal for you. So, with buying SoundCloud services, you can pass that critical time to success where mostly people leave and then they never get success.

disadvantages to buy soundcloud services

Not Targeted Plays: When you buy SoundCloud services, they are mostly not targeted. People who are listing your track or following your profile are might be not interested in what you are doing. They are only performing these actions because you are paying for this. So, these non-interested followers might listen your track once and then they never come back to your channel.

Plays To Likes Ratio: when you buy SoundCloud plays then you must maintain a good ratio between followers, plays, likes, shares, downloads and comments. Because, let say, you have 10 followers and tracks gets 20000 plays and it has no likes, comments or downloads, it will look fake. It will bring results which will opposite to what you were expecting. So always use these services wisely. You can chat with our team if you need any consultancy. Our live chat is available 24 hours a day.

Public Response:  Public response is often not very good if they somehow recognize that you are buying followers or other kind of engagements. They can start promoting the news that you are purchasing fame.

Chances Of Scams: To buy plays, you have to use services from some online companies. They are not always legit. Some companies get payment and then they do not provide services. So always choose a trusted company. You can use Viewsify services to buy SoundCloud services at very good price and with guaranteed delivery.


Like anything else in the world, buying SoundCloud plays and other services has advantages as well as disadvantages. If you use these services wisely, you can get a lot of benefits. But if you do mistakes using these services, they can cause huge problems for you. Our team is always available to help you in this case. We will create a custom package in which your followers, plays, shares, comments and downloads, everything will grow in a natural pattern. You can email us OR you can use our live chat option for instant response.