Biggest Myths About Buying Soundcloud Plays

There are two kinds of information available for buying plays in SoundCloud. One is true and plenty good while other is based on misconception and misinformation. As we have already discussed some of the myths on previous article and explain what is true or false about various parameters. Now in this article, we will put light on some of the biggest myths about playing SoundCloud so far. We will see if the myths are partially true or false or completely fake.

Now, let us look at some of another 8 myths popular these days and that too are just based on false information:

You Can Get Scammed For Buying Plays

The myth is that you can get scammed for buying plays this is true in one sense. This scam is depending on the vendor from which you can purchasing plays for SoundCloud. Do little research on the vendor and its reputation, as this little research can save you from big hurdle in future. Read reviews first about the vendor then decide.

To disprove this myth, there are also some companies that give the service of real plays. They help to provide targeted plays and that will help you to bring potential customers to your profile.

Plays Purchase Are Value Less

Again, one of the biggest myths is that play purchase for the SoundCloud are valueless and worthless. This is half true in this sense that majority of the paid plays are fake, but you cannot deny their importance. No one is listening to these paid plays but still they got a value because they help you to create social proofs. They help to bring audience to your music channel. When people see that the play have been listened by many listeners, then they prefer to listen it at least try it once.

You Will Get Likes And Followers

Again, this is the biggest myth that after buying SoundCloud tracks you will start getting likes and reposts on its own. This myth is not true as it is not possible to get likes and share just after paying for plays. You also must get other services like likes, followers, shares. You can get these services from the same vendor. The best strategy is that you should get each and everything like paid plays, likes, followers and shares and in appropriate amount to give it a nature look.

It’s Expensive To Get Paid Plays

Again, myth is that it is very expensive to get quality plays which is false again. You can get some of the best plays in cheap rate. There are many vendors who can give you 5000 plays in just $12 or even less, all you do is to make a little research on them. Purchase the plays in bulk for more comfortable rate. You don’t need to invest a high amount to get quality plays.

Fake Tracks Got Deleted

Again, there is a myth that SoundCloud would delete your plays which is not true. They won’t delete it even after knowing it. Buying new plays can give competitors a new sense of competition and they also try to purchase some new paid plays to target others. This is something. That happens in between every competitor and don’t worry about the deletion, SoundCloud wont removed your tracks.

Account Will Be Spam

It is likely to assume that profiles with fake plays got spam which is not correct. There may be something wrong happening like it might be possible that because of low quality plays, which vendor have given you and then sell the personal information to any third party. So, it is vital to make sure that before any purchasing do research about the vendor and make him sure that he won’t leak any information related to you.

 Some Points To Remember

Throughout the article, one thing was common that was the good and bad vendor. A bad vendor can put you in danger with loss of the money too while a vendor with good reputation can build you career in music in SoundCloud (which is the largest music platform online). Do some research and read some revisions before buying the plays from a vendor.