Grow SoundCloud Audience Organically

SoundCloud is the world biggest platform to share your audio music and get connected with audience. This network is a combination of creators, listeners and caretaker. Creators are one who create music, Listeners are audience who engage with these tracks and caretakers are the admins.

SoundCloud has 190 million tracks on it and it has audience from 190 countries. In 2019 SoundCloud is more famous than past. If you are a music creator and you have just started SoundCloud, you must be curious how to grow your followers, plays, likes, repost, downloads etc. Without wasting your time, I will guide you how to grow your SoundCloud channel with legit methods.

Use YouTube

You know YouTube is a very famous place to get new audience and to grow your fan base. You can get benefit of this pre-established platform to grow your fan base on YouTube. After sometime when you have enough audience engage with you, you can divert them to your SoundCloud channel.

Here are some stats about YouTube you might not know:

  • 1.9 billion users which are login on YouTube visit YouTube each month
  • YouTube is on the second number in the most visited websites in 2018.
  • YouTube mobile application is the most downloaded application in 2018
  • YouTube is most visited website to listen music by public

From these stats you can imagine that how much potential YouTube has to grow your audience. Take advantage of this free source and grow your SoundCloud today.

Use Facebook Page

Facebook is another social media platform which has great potential for music artist. You can use free ways as well as paid advertisements to get audience of your niche. Almost 2.41 billion user visit Facebook every month and it has 1.59 billion daily users worldwide. In every 1 second 5 new people sign up for Facebook account. In short Facebook has massive audience and it has people from all niches. With a Facebook page you can send daily thousand of visitors to your SoundCloud page.

Free way to get famous on Facebook:

  • Create a Facebook page
  • upload your music videos on this page
  • share these videos in related groups
  • This will bring more likes and related audience for your page

Also Join Facebook groups related to your music and add the members of those groups as your friend on Facebook. With this way you can also make your profile viral and you can use your own profile posts to get popularity.

Paid ways for Facebook: If you can invest money, then you can use paid methods to get a boost on Facebook. You can create post with your SoundCloud track links and then you can create an Advertisement using Facebook ads service to boost within minutes. You can target audience on the basis of there interest, gender, age and location.

If you have budget then instead of following this long in which success is sometime not guaranteed, we recommend you to buy SoundCloud plays. You can use our services to buy 100% real SoundCloud services.

Use Instagram Profile

In past years until 2017, Instagram was not very impressive, but 2018-19, this is emerged as a big giant in social media websites. In 2018 it crossed 1 billion active users and it is growing daily with a lot of active users. Instagram was initially a photo sharing website then they allowed to upload 5 to 15 second videos. Now with IGTV service user can upload longer videos as well. Instagram is used by almost every famous business, artist and public figures.

It is very easy to grow your Instagram profile even it is new one. We will now mention best methods to grow your Instagram profile to promote your music.

Follow your competitor’s audience: Search your competitors on Instagram which are doing same work as you are going to do. For example, if you are a music producer, search big profiles of music producers which has 10 000 to millions of followers. Now, go to their profiles and check their posts. People who are liking and commenting on their posts are already interested in that niche. Follow these people who are liking and commenting their posts. When you will follow them, they will receive a notification to follow you back. When they will visit your profile, they will find your profile interesting as they like this niche so they will follow you too. You can unfollow them after few days.

You can also follow followers of your competitors to get same results.

Please note that:

  • Before you start follow-unfollow process, you must have 10 to 20 posts related to your niche. So that when a new user visits your profile, he can understand what is your niche.
  • Instagram do not like follow-unfollow process, so with a new profile keep your speed slow (maximum 50 follows in a days) once your profile gets older, you can increase this speed.

Use related hashtags: You can also grow your Instagram profile tremendously buy using right hashtags. When you use famous hashtags and your post ranks for those hashtags, it gets amazing organic reach. You can use hashtagify to find popular hashtags.

Once your profile gets enough followers, you can share your SoundCloud link in Instagram bio to get audience to your SoundCloud profile. 

Use Your Own Blog

Last but not least, a blog can do a magic for you. Blogs on internet gets millions of organic visitors each month from search engines like google. You can create a blog related to your niche and can drive millions of traffic to your SoundCloud channel. Follow these steps:

  • Do a proper keyword research before you make a blog
  • Create some amazing and useful content
  • Create a professional blog
  • Focus on on-page and off page SEO to rank your blog

Once your blog is ranked in search engines, you will get a lot of real traffic each month. Even very small blogs gets 20 000 to 30 000 visitors easily. You can divert this traffic to your SoundCloud and you will have wonderful audience.

Apply these methods and let us know in comments if you got success. If you face any issue, let us know and our team will try to help you.