How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud - Newbies Guide

Suppose you have a beautiful voice, but no one is listening to your voice or songs sing. Well, no worries especially if you are already on SoundCloud.

You are on the right track already; it is the best platform to expose more about yourself and your voice. It can give you a recognition which takes years to build.

You can increase your fan following online and exposure to your songs to a broader range of audience. But have you thought? How will you promote your music or how can you get SoundCloud plays, especially when you are new to it.

Here we have covered some strategies to tell you the simplest ways to get SoundCloud plays. These tips will help you to bring the right audience for your music.

Join The Soundcloud Groups

Let’s be social. Join many groups as you want for free. In this way, you can share some tracks in the groups to increase likes and traffic. Increase your audience naturally is an excellent way to promote yourself on SoundCloud.

Allow Some Tracks To Be Free Download

Give access to audience for some of your good tracks. Do something free and you will see the impact of that in future.  people will get a good impression of your free offer and they will prefer to come on your profile.

This is a good trend even some big artists also do so for more people to come on this platform.

Comments On Other Artist’s Tracks

Make comments on other people tracks especially if you and they share same genre and have large audience. Stay relevant and positive while commenting. don’t be rude or harsh, as it will leave a negative impression on them and this is insight to do. If you talk good about them, they will also help you in certain things.

Do Some Purchases To Give Yourself A Kick Start

When you are just starting out, then make some investment but purchasing some tracks. It is economical and effective way to gain some social space to introduce your brand name. Build your followers by some organic and quality ways.

Some other ideas are:

Make A Marketing Strategy

The followings things are included under this category.

  • identifying a target market
  • developing a product
  • ideal fans’ personalities as well as their habits
  • Look for some music forums

Survey To Your Listeners

Try to create marketing persona where all the details of your listener are included. This research will help you to build better market research.

Extract your potential listeners data, because the more you have the data the more you know about their needs, their favorite tracks, their demographic’s.

There are tons of ways to find the potential listener’s online. For example:

  • SoundCloud
  • Mixcloud
  • YouTube
  • 8tracks

Promote The Music On Social Channels

Once you have set your audience and target region, you are ready to promote the material on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or twitter. SoundCloud provides friendly links to link the websites or social media channels to the profile in SoundCloud.

  • You can use social media to do engagements.
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Retweet and ask for the shares
  • Organic hashtags

Do Comment, Follow Others And Join Groups

Comments on others’ tracks will help to get engage with new artists. They will also listen to your content and give you a worth. Having social can brings out more opportunities.

 SoundCloud has an amazing comment feature and will give you the opportunity to make comment in conversation that is taking place. You can paste the relevant link and without going into more “gossip” can leave.

You can join free groups to increase the popularity of the tracks by leaving the links in the group and audience having same taste will listen and love to share it.

Final Talk

If you work on the above steps and you can gain productive results. You must work on both listener and influencers to get some result. There is no short cut to it.

If you are just starting your carrier on SoundCloud, you can buy SoundCloud plays and other services. But make sure you choose a trusted company to buy SoundCloud plays. Check out Our SoundCloud Services, and if you like, you can buy directly from us.

SoundCloud is the biggest platform to start your music career online and no one can neglect your presence online. You just must start with the selective niche and use some steps and tools to reach out the audience and SoundCloud is best platform to provide help you at every step. Good Luck😊