8 Ways to Actually Get Heard on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the largest and most influential online music channel. They’ve changed the way of listening to music online.  They give independent new artists the space they need to promote their music.

Many useful tools are also available to enhance the performance on SoundCloud. Using them effectively can help to amplify your project related to music, and you can also get a lot of followers as well.

There’s a lot of simple guides will get you educated on the most useful ones for growing your following. You can grow your SoundCloud follower and plays using our guides. If you need some very quick results, You can buy SoundCloud plays here.

Here are eight useful tips to get the most out of your SoundCloud promotion.

Do Tags For Searchable Music Content

  • Have you thought, how your fans follow you on SoundCloud?
  • One of the best great ways is to tag your music.
  • Tagging makes you searchable when a music listener is searching on SoundCloud.
  • The better your tags are, the more comfortable for you to find the relevant music of your choice.
  • If you made a drum & bass type of track, then set the primary genre to Drum & Bass.
  • You can also add location and moods for better searching.
  • Don’t use more than one genre.
  • Tags should be concise and accurate.

MAIN TIP: Use an @ to link their profile for better promotion of your track.

You Can Sell Your Music Online

  • SoundCloud also lets you add a ‘Buy’ link to your track upload. Click on the ‘Metadata’ tab when you’re uploading a piece of music and add the links and use iTunes, Bandcamp, beat port to sell the music online.
  • Leading tip: You can also change it to stream and can get some new streaming.
  • You can also link the account with PayPal to make earnings.

MAIN TIP: You can use the account for selling purpose too.

Use The Waveform Comments

SoundCloud allows fans and followers to comment on your waveform.

  • So, use it wisely to tell your fans and followers about your recent updates
  • You can ask for feedback from them and any changes if they want.
  • Be specific and mention your progress in detail.

Album Art Matters

Art is matter especially if you talk on Cloud Sounds.

  • If you share the track on your blog or Facebook Page, then your album art will also go there.
  • It is essential because it represents your album art or tracks art.
  • Before hitting the button to play, everyone sees the visual image so design it well.
  • Always use JPG or a PNG for better result.

Leading tip: You can also hire a designer or photographer for making better graphics.

Share Private Links To Your Tracks

SoundCloud also gives an option to share private links to your tracks.

  • It’s easy to share unfinished tracks and sending demos or to contact outlets.
  • When you share a private link, it gives a personal touch to your music.
  • All you must do is to upload a track privately.
  • Go to the profile and share the button and click the track which you want to share.
  • You also get a unique URL to each private track uploaded.
  • You can set the private link of the track anytime.
  • You can so make a whole playlist of new album privately.

Finally Share The Track

Finally, your path is done, and you have worked very hard on it.

  • Share the track and sit back to see the results.
  • You will get a tremendous number of likes.
  • You will observe the little bit changes you should make after a few days.

Also Share Another Artist’s Music

Share another artist’s music too. Yes! of course, you have your own choice too, so share other content.

  • If you share a piece of good music, your audience will love to listen to it, and it helps to build trust.
  • If you share other artist’s work, then you will also build a healthy relationship with him, and this can give you an advantage in future as well.

MAIN TIP: Acknowledge other works, so that they can give support to your work as well.

Share The Tracks On Other Social Media Platforms

You can share the road outside the SoundCloud too, like Facebook, twitter.

  • Sharing on other social channels will help you built more audiences.
  • Also, you can auto-post your tracks as well on all social platforms.
  • You can connect the social media channels to your SoundCloud profile, and it will auto-connect your tracks once on all platforms.

MAIN TIP: Sharing track on social media account is best way to get views.

Share it and enjoy the track and let others enjoy it too 😊